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Please raise your voice and have an impact for these captive elephants:

1. Tweet for their release and ask the State Department to get involved. Wildlife is being trafficked out of Zimbabwe and those responsible must be brought to justice. 

SAMPLE TWEET: Elephant calves have complex needs being dependent on their mothers with strong social bonds. Help FREE the #ZimbabweElephants! @StateDept 

2. Appeal to the U.S. Embassy Harare for help!

SAMPLE TWEET:​ SOS! Act now to save baby #ZimbabweElephants stolen from the Hwange @usembassyharare The elephants face death or life in prison if deported.

Notes from 2015:
​It has since been reported that more than 80 elephant calves are being held in Zimbabwe awaiting export to unregulated facilities in Asia where animal abuse is widespread. Of the four elephants exported to China from Zimbabwe in 2012, only 1 survived, and he currently lives an isolation, sickly.

​Elephant calves have complex needs and are dependent on their mothers. The baby elephants have strong social bonds with other familial members of the herd.

You can make a difference!

Zimbabwe Elephants of the Hwange National Park Need Your Help

Elephants DC met with Zimbabwe Embassy officials in Washington DC on December 23rd 2014 to raise concerns that captive baby elephants are slated for exportation to China, France, and UAE. More than 30 calves were reportedly captured from the Hwange National Park. We are pressed Zimbabwe officials for answers to our many questions on the exportation status and welfare of these elephants. To read the reply, click here.