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From left, Rep. Kurt Wright; Northeastern Regional Director of The Humane Society of the United StatesJoanne Bourbeau; Elephants DC Vermont Ambassador Ashley McAvey; and Rep. Joan Lenes celebrate action in Vermont to save elephants and rhinos from extinction.

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Why are states banning ivory sales?

Vermont Ambassador

Ashley McAvey will never forget the split second when, at 16 years old, she saw her first wild elephant in the Zimbabwe bush.  The grace, beauty, innocence, and vulnerability of the female elephant in that moment and in that shared look captivated her heart. The love she discovered for Africa and its people is also at the core of her entirely volunteer efforts to turn things around for these most amazing beings and the millions of people in Africa who depend on their survival for their own.  

After graduating from Yale College in 1996 with a BA in Environmental Biology and Spanish, Ashley went on to receive her Master of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in 2000.  Ashley believes that solutions to the human-wildlife conflicts exist—and that those issues can be solved.  

Extinction has no solution and will lead to immeasurable loss on a global scale. Because of the brutality with which elephants are being slaughtered, the horrific actions of the terrorist groups that are funding the killing, and the absolutely frivolous reasons for the killings—for trinkets and decorations—Ashley is determined to make a difference.   ​As the Vermont Ambassador, Ashley spearheaded a state-wide screening of National Geographic’s Battle for the Elephants which generated a 300 person audience and great media attention in newspaper, television, and radio. She believes collaboration between groups is key along with spreading awareness- both here and abroad.  Ashley is now pushing Vermont to become one of the first states in the country to issue an unequivocal ban on the ivory trade. She also loves teaching young kids, including her own, about the crisis in order to empower them to make a difference.  Above all, she spreads the message of hope that we can and will save the elephants for the good of the world.   For more information on how you may get involved in Vermont’s efforts, please email

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As a Green Mountain State citizen, Ashley is advocating for a full ivory sales ban in Vermont. Right, Ashley organized a highly successful event with Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of Vermont in Burlington to raise awareness for elephants.