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Elephants live in a “herd” which is a group of females, led by a Matriarch, who is often the largest and oldest female.

Male elephants leave the herd during their adolescent years.

Elephants wear their emotions “on their sleeve” – they have been known to show a wide arrange of emotions such as humor, compassion and sadness

They have a highly complex communication system using all of their senses and can detect vibrations through their feet.

Elephants communicate by trumpeting, snorting, whistling, grunting bellowing, rumbling, and stomping. The stomping sound may travel around 20 miles through the ground.

If a herd of elephants sense danger, they immediately form a ring around the babies to protect them, by keeping them in the center.

ELephant Love

Elephants comfort one another at the Mfuwe Lodge, Zambia.

(Photo courtesy of Ian Salisbury)

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