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Ann Lewis

Vice President and Board Member

Ann Lewis has been fascinated with elephants ever since she was a child.

For several years she has supported the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a field organization in Kenya dedicated to rescuing orphaned elephants wandering alone in the wild after their families - tragically - have been killed by poachers. These orphans are the youngest victims of the poaching crisis.

Love for elephants

Ann Lewis visits Elephant Nature Park in Thailand to volunteer and help care for a herd of rescued elephants who now thrive at the sanctuary. Several elephants have given birth after arriving at ENP so there is a wonderful sense of joy, family, and togetherness among the elephants.

Supporting wild elephants

Ann Lewis visited the elephant orphans of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust on September 3 where she delivered a check for $1,500 on behalf of Elephants DC.

standing up against inhumane circus 

Ann Lewis, and her husband John Lewis, defend wildlife from the bonds of cruel captivity in Philadelphia.

In 2013 Ann had the opportunity to volunteer at the world-renowned Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, where she got to personally interact with elephants. This experience strengthened her already deep passion for saving elephants from extinction.

In 2014 Ann had a life-changing experience of visiting Kenya - fullfilling her dream of seeing wild elephants in their natural habitat as well as visiting the DSWT outside of Nairobi. While in Africa, she meet with Angela Sheldrick to talk about the poaching crisis as well as the Kenya Wildlife Service, on behalf of Elephants DC.

Ann participated in the International March for Elephants on Oct. 4, 2013, in Washington, DC. The march was part of the iWorry campaign organized by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  In 2014 Ann was back for the second annual event with her family, helping eDC's president lead the procession to the White House from the Lincoln Memorial.

She is an active member of Animal ACTivists of Philly, where she protests the use of captive elephants in circuses.

The Pennsylvania native spearheaded eDC's first ever reception fundraiser, Wild for Elephants, on October 4, 2014. Ann is an invaluable advocate for elephant rights.

Ann co-incorporated Elephants DC in 2014. 

Ann is in Human Resources and resides outside of Philadelphia with her husband and their dog, Bauer.

To reach Ann, send an email to