Dedicated to elephant well-being & ending the ivory trade world-wide!


​We call for the complete end of all ivory trade and for the advancement of elephant welfare by protecting them from acts of extinction, terror, and inhumanity. Our vision is for elephants to roam freely in the wild as the earth's keystone guardian species. We are against the inhumane captivity of elephants. 

eDC welcomes volunteers to join us in our advocacy, fundraising, media, education and event work dedicated to advancing elephant welfare and ending the global blood ivory trade. 

eDC is composed of 100 percent volunteers and there are no fees associated with being an elephant advocate. 

To join eDC, send your name, location, and area of interest in supporting elephants via email to: or

WHY DO SOMETHING? This is a crisis: 100 Elephants slaughtered daily

To feed the global ivory market wild elephants are being slaughtered at an alarming rate averaging 1 poached every 15 minutes. Countries around the world are crushing illegal ivory. States, cities, and countries are taking action to ban ivory sales now. Let's SPEAK UP FOR ELEPHANTS to ensure we live with love and fight for humanity. Together  let's unite for elephants, the children and people far and wide on earth to be kind and stop killing for greed.


Elephants DC is dedicated to advancing elephant well-being & ending ivory sales.