-While elephants may look intimidating in size, elephants are gentle giants. They are also known for their loyalty.

-Elephants are ancient and the earth’s largest land mammal. Elephant species have been living on the planet for millions of years – evolving over time into the elephants we see today.

-Studies have shown that elephants are self-aware, have excellent learning abilities and use tools. 

-Smell that? Elephants have an amazing sense of smell – which has been said to more acute than a hound dog.      

-Why do elephants have wrinkled skin? The wrinkled skin is designed to help them regulate their body temperature. 

-An elephant’s trunk can hold 2.5 gallons of water and can sense the temperature, shape, and size of an object.

-Thirsty? Elephants don’t use their trunks for drinking – they suck water up through their trunk and release the water into their mouth.

-African elephants have sharp cognitive abilities and can recognize people and determine if someone is a threat by merely the sound of their voice. After listening to only a few words spoken, elephants can determine a person's ethnicity and if the speaker is a man or a woman; a child or an adult.  (National Geographic)

-Elephants communicate with a subsonic language and can sense one another over great land distances through vibrations they make into the ground. 

-The entire human body has less than 
650 muscles – in just the elephant trunk
​alone there are tens of thousands.

-Elephants are one of the smartest mammals on earth. An elephant's brain weighs 11 pounds, far greater than any other land animal. The human brain weighs 3 pounds.

-As a keystone species elephants play a critical role in the operation of  ecosystems across Africa and Asia.  

-As a migratory species, elephants contribute to ecosystems by
dispersing seeds across the landscape.

-In Africa elephants are known as "guardians" for other species who migrate alongside elephants seeking food and water

An Asian elephant's ears help to radiate heat to keep the body cool. African elephants' ears also provide the same cooling benefits.

(Photo by Ann Lewis)

Two elephants play in the water at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. (Photo by Ann Lewis)

Above, a mother uses her trunk to communicate with her calf in Tanzania. Below, a beautiful elephant stands at attention while eating. (Photos by Ruth Nichols)

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Elephants enjoy "the good life" at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

Elephants are very family-oriented and form strong lifelong bonds. Elephants live in a "herd" which is a group of females and youngsters, led by a Matriarch, who is often the largest and oldest female. Male elephants leave the herd during their adolescent years.

(Photo by Ann Lewis)

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