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Facts                African                     Asian 


10 to 13 feet tall                                   6.5 to 9 feet tall

8,800 to 15,400 pounds                    6,600 to 13,2000 pounds

1 domes                                      2 domes with dip in between

Has two "fingers' at end                    Has one "finger" at the end

Both males and females                  Only males develop tusks       develop tusks                                      which are visible. Females 

                                                      can develop tusks, but they                                                                      can't be seen easily.

Large and shaped like                    Smaller ears shaped like Asia

the African contienent






The eye of an African elephant. (Michael North image)

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Elephants have been roaming the earth for millions of years. 

Diverse African and Asian elephant species call earth home. 
  African elephants are divided into two subspecies - savannah and forest. Many people also consider the desert elephants of Namibia their own subspecies.

Asian elephants are divided into four subspecies including: Sri Lankan, Indian, Sumatran and Borneo-Asian Pygmy.

     Elephant Species 

The eye of an Asian elephant. (Ann Lewis photo)