Dedicated to elephant well-being & ending the ivory trade world-wide!


Composed of advocates from across America and around the world, Elephants DC is an all-volunteer nonprofit dedicated to ending the ivory trade worldwide and advancing elephant well-being.

We focus on elephant welfare and support reputable entities saving wild lives and preserving habitat conservation efforts; advocate for anti-poaching and anti-smuggling initiatives; serve as a media watch dog for the elephants; and develop educational tools to raise awareness that humans are killing elephants faster than they are giving birth and change is needed now. Elephants teach us to be kind to all animals and we seek to protect endangered species around the world.

We are working directly with the government of the Republic of Gabon to support the forest elephants. Support our first field project in Moukalaba-Doudou National Park to protect these incredible and irreplaceable animals, here.

'Nature's great masterpiece, an elephant; the only harmless great thing.'

- John Donne 

extinction rate

Approximately 100 elephants are illegally poached every day.

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The Elephants DC mission is dedicated to ending the ivory trade while promoting elephant well-being around the world.  

We support elephant conservation through advocacy, education, and field organization support while working to protect critical species from extinction.

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