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Composed of members from Pennsylvania to Maryland, from New Jersey to Massachusetts, and from Florida to New Jersey - Elephants DC is dedicated to working with state and federal lawmakers to gain support for new public policy to advance a complete domestic and export ivory trade ban in 2014. We concurrently focus on elephant welfare by supporting reputable field organizations in Africa and Asia; habitat conservation; anti-poaching and anti-smuggling initiatives; and education programs to raise awareness. We seek to protect endangered species around the world.

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Our Mission

We support elephant conservation through advocacy, education, and field organization support while working to protect critical species from extinction.

Elephants DC is dedicated to ending the ivory trade while promoting elephant well-being around the world.  

From attending a meeting in Washington DC to connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter, there are plenty of ways to get involved with Elephants DC.



On Oct. 4, 2013, tens of thousands of people united around the world for the International March for Elephants. In Washington DC hundreds of participants marched from Friendship Arch to the White House. The DC march  was sponsored by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  through its  iWorry  campaign. 

Thanks to everyone who marched around the world and in DC for endangered species on World Animal Day.  Learn more.


Global Crisis

Elephants DC in Action

Above, African elephants roam. Photos by Mike Paredes. To order prints, visit

extinction rate

Approximately 100 elephants are illegally poached every day in Africa. Help us make a difference! 

Elephants DC advocates for Congress to pass a federal ivory trade ban.  

Photo by Jen Samuel

Elephants DC asks the White House to support an outright federal ivory ban.

Photo by Phil McAuliffe

'E' is for Elephant

We want children across America & around the world to grow up in a world where elephants still roam. Children learn "E" is for Elephant when they discover their ABCs - not that "E" is for Extinction.


People unite for elephants. Phil McAuliffe photo